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DoubleFace: Adjustable translucent system to improve thermal comfort

Michela Turrin, Martin Tenpierik, Paul de Ruiter, Willem van der Spoel, Carlos Chang Lara, Florian Heinzelmann, Patrick Teuffel, Wout van Bommel


The DoubleFace project aims at developing a new product that passively improves thermal comfort of indoor and semi-indoor spaces by means of lightweight materials for latent heat storage, while simultaneously allowing daylight to pass through as much as possible. Specifically, the project aims at designing and prototyping an adjustable translucent modular system featuring thermal insulation and thermal absorption in a calibrated manner, which is adjustable according to different heat loads during summer- and wintertime. The output consists of a proof of concept, a series of performance simulations and measurement and a prototype of an adjustable thermal mass system based on lightweight and translucent materials: phase-changing materials (PCM) for latent heat storage and translucent aerogel particles for thermal insulation.


thermal comfort; latent heat storage; thermal insulation; proof of concept; phase-changing materials; PCM; DoubleFace

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