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Kine-Mould: Flexible mould system opens up wide range of possibilities

Roel Schipper, Peter Eigenraam, Matteo Soru, Steffen Grünewald, Ivan Gavran, Mattias Michel, Arno Pronk, Dick Erinkveld, Hisham El Ghazi, Mitchell Janmaat, Tobi Lusing, Erwin van Rijbroek, Niek Schuijers, Martijn Verboord, Robin Versteeg


The Kine-Mould is a development that makes it easier to manufacture building elements with complex geometry. Since June 2014 the team has been working on a range of solutions and prototypes. Various building materials have been investigated such as concrete, glass and plastic composites. In a joint effort of TU Delft and TU Eindhoven the following prototypes were designed and built:

  1. One for thermoplastic polymers;
  2. One for concrete elements;
  3. One for glass elements;
  4. Several for inflatable mould surfaces.

Students carried out a significant part of the work. Companies were involved in the manufacturing process of the prototypes and application of the results.


building elements; complex geometry; prototypes; plastic composites; concrete; glass; thermoplastic polymers; inflatable mould surfaces; manufactoring

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