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A living lab: designed for early-adopters to experience novel technologies, to produce technological performance and user behaviour data, through a community of autarchic residences via a water, waste and energy box/hub

Argyrios Papadopoulos


This project is focused on providing movable-temporary sustainable housing at derelict locations in cities, for young people / graduates / singles / expats / professionals in the European market. The goal is to act as the missing link between innovative small and medium enterprises in the sustainability and energy efficient sector (SME’s) and their target audiences i.e. residences. It is a new housing concept that provides residential solutions and living lab facilities for innovative energy technologies. It is a solid quality solution at affordable rental price, at central locations inside cities providing independent living. At the same time, it provides a low cost living lab facility for field testing, linking to market and showcasing to innovative companies which want to “market test” their products and produce performance data. The ultimate goal is to influence user behavior via water, waste and energy autarchic community, in different levels, than later on the same principles can be applied in other residential, commercial or industrial district arrangement.


living lab; autarchy; temporary building; residential community; SME; sustainability; energy efficiency; housing concept; innovation; energy technology; field testing; performance data; user behavior

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